In A World Where You Can Be Anything

In A World Where You Can Be Anything …

A popular phrase that became so prevalent in the last few months is: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

This has become associated with the sad passing of popular TV host Caroline Flack; she posted an image of the saying on her Instagram in December last year, along with the caption stating “Anything … we can literally choose to be anything …” 

These words resonated with so many people and really made them stop and think about being kind. I for one, found the saying to be thought provoking and felt moved by it. 

It shouldn’t take a tragedy for something so simple, to become something that is almost a new way of thinking. However, many people used this as a new positive outlook. It changed attitudes – especially towards how women treat each other. Women started to empower and uplift each other. There was a coming together and a solidarity.  

Unfortunately, what first appeared to be a moment of clarity for so many people, started to ebb away. Slowly but surely, the phrase and the sentiment was forgotten and the sad reality of trolling, ill feeling, resentment and bitterness crept back in to some people’s comments and actions. 

Attitudes towards others and being kind is always something that I have thought about a lot as I suffered from bullying for years. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I wouldn’t dream of intending to upset some. Nor am I a person that lies or is “fake”. 

I’m not naive and think that life is rosy and that everyone can always get along, but what I do believe is that people can always be civil. It is unnecessary for anyone to be deliberately unkind. 

All to often I see and hear people being absolutely scathing about someone that they were just being extremely friendly with. Why? Why do this?!

Everyone is aware on the face of it, that someone’s comments and actions can affect another. However, what we are not all aware of is just how much it affects that person. Each person deals with things in their own way and what one person may find funny or harmless, another may be deeply hurt and offended by – and there are different levels to those feelings. Each person is different. 

How we act towards each other and the words we use are a choice … our choice. 

So, I find what happened to Caroline Flack extremely sad and I love the phrase that she brought to the forefront of people’s thoughts and the caption she appended to it: 

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

“Anything … we can literally choose to be anything…”

54 thoughts on “In A World Where You Can Be Anything …”

  1. This is so true! I work for a mental health charity and there are certain themes that we see on our helpline that contradict the social media messages that lots of people post. Remember to be kind to yourself, too!

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  2. I totally agree with you – life isn’t rosy and there’s no point pretending it is but we can all be a little kinder every day. I hate that the kindness movement after Caroline ebbed away. It always does, sadly xxx

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  3. Thank you. That’s true, that we all go through something at some point; that’s something that people tend to forget. People wouldn’t like to receive ill feelings from others, so it’s hard to comprehend why they would project ill feelings to others.
    Thank you for the comment. 🙂


  4. This is so true! I do not understand why people can’t be kind! It really isn’t that hard to do and I think it makes the world such a nicer place when people are kind. I think this pandemic is also really bringing out the worst in people too!

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    1. I agree – the animosity I have seen during this pandemic is unbelievable – especially in supermarkets! It just makes these difficult times all the more difficult. Whereas kindness would help people through this.
      Thank you for reading the post and leaving me a comment.


  5. I love this quote so much and what an interesting post. The whole of society were posting this quote for around a week after Caroline’s tragic death and then sadly some people went back to their old ways, you see it every day and it is awful. Hopefully one day we will all be ably to truly follow this quote. Great post.

    Holly x

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  6. Kindness and love is something I’m so passionate about and I actually wrote a post about bullying on my blog and why it should not be accepted as the norm in our world, even though it’s already there. Thanks for sharing this.

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  7. This is such a great phrase to live by, and you’re right – it should not have taken such a tragedy for something like this to become more important to people. Kindness should just be second nature to us as human beings, it’s not a hard thing to do.
    Thanks so much for sharing such an important message!

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    1. Yeah, you’re right – kindness should be second nature. It would be good if people could live by this phrase. Thank you for reading and commenting. x


  8. Love this blog and it has never been more true!! I received a hell of a lot of bullying on my MA course by a group of people who didn’t like my work, I’d always see them then post ‘mental health awareness day’ etc. People should really practice what they preach! Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂 x

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear you went through that bullying. I know how destructive that can be. Hope you’re ok?
      I’m glad you liked this post. I agree with you that people should practice what they preach.


  9. LOVED this! It’s such a shame that it takes such a horrible event to happen to make people realise and remember. Sadly as well, it appears as though people quickly go back to their old ways after a few weeks/months! This message is so important and so simple but makes the world of difference! Ell x

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    1. I’m so pleased you like it.
      It is strange how it only takes such a short time for people to forget and go back to their old ways. It’s as thought they just jump on a bandwagon for the sake of it, without really understanding the true meaning or really buying in to the message and what should be learnt.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I

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    1. Thank you. It does seem to be a cruel cycle of taking something so tragic to bring important issues that need to be tackled to the forefront of our minds, and then, as you say, its so sad how quickly that passes.


  10. Such an important message, it is extremely sad that it does take tragic events for everyone to realise these things. I find it such a shame as well that after a few weeks or so a lot of people just forget about it and go back to being ignorant again. Its lovely to see people writing about it though, great post.

    Chloe xx

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    1. Thanks Chloe. It’s something I felt really moved by and I find it so sad that I see the same thing happening all over again and the powerful message has been lost again.


  11. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    We need more voices like yours.
    People are so quick to show their condolences and raise awareness about issues but then I find them going against their word and forgetting the kindness they once showed.

    It’s so easy to be kind yet so many people choose not to be.

    Here’s to the kind people that actually do care about others!

    Love Lozza xo

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    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to hear that.
      And you’re right – it is so easy to be kind. I don’t understand what people actually get out of being unkind. It doesn’t make sense.

      I agree – here’s to the kind people! 🙂 x


  12. This post really stands out at the moment with everything that’s going on in the world, and it’s something that we should all remember. Being kind doesn’t take much effort at all, but it can mean a lot to someone.

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  13. Really thought-provoking! I have never understood why people would go out of there way to be unkind. The phrase “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all” goes with this too, doesn’t it? It’s sad how quickly people forget and go back to their ‘old’ ways.
    Lovely post!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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    1. I agree – it would be so nice and it’s not a hard thing to do. It takes more effort to be horrible and is just completely unnecessary. Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂


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