Today I had a parcel delivered: Three new books and a cover for my MacBook. I love getting deliveries – even though you know what you ordered and when it is arriving, it’s still exciting opening the box and inspecting your new purchases.

So, my new books are:

  • How to be a Grown Up‘ by Daisy Buchanan
  • You Don’t Know Me‘ by Imran Mahmood
  • Into The Water‘ by Paula Hawkins

Bit of a range of genres there.

How to be a Grown Up‘ should be a light-hearted, easy read with parallels of thinking similar to that of a lot of twenty-somthings approaching the big thirty! How many people can honestly say that they feel their age? I can’t. When watching reality TV programmes or documentaries, I always think the twenty-somethings seem more grown up than I do. And then the worries start: ‘Have I made the right career choice?’ ‘Should I be settled and have a routine that I stick to religiously?’ ‘I’m nearly thirty so I should be sorted and settled in my life.’ This should be an interesting read with self-reflections from the author that will no doubt resonate with the reader.

I came across ‘You Don’t Know Me‘ when I was reading an article in The Times newspaper yesterday:  This article is about one of the most common, if not the most common, question a criminal barrister gets asked: ‘How can you defend someone that you know is guilty?’ Well anyway, I enjoyed the article and at the end was an advert for Mahmood’s new novel. It’s a crime fiction played out in a courtroom where a defendant sacks his lawyer just before the Closing Speeches to give his own defence. We read through his evidence as though we are a juror and try to work out if he committed this crime of murder. This sounds like it will involve twists and turns and prove to be a compelling read.

As for ‘Into The Water‘, I caught the end of a discussion about this when I turned the news on yesterday morning. The bit I heard was (I think) along the lines that it was based on witchcraft and the old trial by water for a suspected witch. This caught my attention because I love hearing old ghost / witchcraft stories like that. Then I realised that the author was Paula Hawkins who wrote the popular novel ‘Girl on The Train‘. That novel was a best seller and everyone was raving about it, however, I have to be honest and admit – it wasn’t my favourite book that I’ve read. I am interested to see what this story is like though. It sounds mysterious and intriguing.

Well I am looking forward to the reading I have. It should keep me occupied for a few days. I’ll be reviewing the books when I’ve read them, so please check back for an update on them to see what they were actually like. And if you have read them or would like my opinion / have a question, please leave a comment.

But for now, I’m off to read.

Night all x

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